From full builds to custom turbo / intercooler piping, turbo manifolds, exhaust systems, catch cans, safety gear, sheet metal, roll cages, Lexan windows, you name it! We are here to help with your project to give you that edge over the competition. We also build and work on motorcycles. It doesn’t matter the amount of wheels. We love anything that goes fast, looks
cool & makes loud noises. If you can dream it we can build it.

Abrasive Waterjet

Our in house 4’x8’ 4 axis waterjet uses ultra-high pressure water with a garnet abrasive to cut through an abundance of materials from ferrous and nonferrous metals, to composites and plastics, even glass. The advantage of waterjet cutting is being able cut items with cnc precision with no additional heat being applied. You can click the MAD FAB CNC tab in the top left corner for more information on waterjet cutting.

Fabrication and Welding

We do general metal fabrication jobs, not just automotive related! From one single part to a production run, we can handle it. When you can’t find that part you need, we can make it for you. We can build sheet metal parts, signs, displays, and even custom trophies. We also work with plastics and fiberglass.

Engine Services

Everyone is looking for that few extra horsepower. Need that engine swap done?  We can do that for you. Or maybe you would like to make your existing engine make more power. We offer full engine rebuilds, camshaft swaps, port matching, gasket and seal replacments and more. Don’t loose that race because you didn’t have enough power.

Custom Paint

 Looking for that custom touch on your helmet, motorcycle fairing, engine parts, and more? We can make it look beautiful. Specializing in small scale jobs, we have a hydrographic tank, powder-coater, and a full array of custom colors to spray. Also, I love laying down heavy metal flake. Whatever you imagine we can spray for you.

Race Repair

Accidents happen, especially when you are at your cars limits. No need to worry about having your car ready for the next race.  We can assess the damage, replace parts, repair body panels and touch up the paint. You will get superfast race repair so you can get back out on track and looking good.